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Tabor Wells
“Arbisoft has helped us bring on more partners more quickly because we’re able to augment our internal team and get work done faster.”Tabor WellsFormer VP Engineering
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    Wanderu & Arbisoft

    Wanderu is a ground travel metasearch engine and fare aggregator operating in 40 countries throughout North America and Europe and cited by prestigious media such as Fast Company, Forbes, Inc, and TechCrunch as a promising startup for a whole new generation of travelers. Since 2016 Arbisoft and Wanderu have partnered together to make it easy to manage road and rail bookings in a few clicks.

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    wanderu - How we fit together

    After having established their business in North America, Wanderu had their eyes on the European market and reached out to Arbisoft achieve their goal. In order to expand into Europe, Wanderu needed European carriers and integrations for their app to increase their coverage. They partnered with Arbisoft and hired a dedicated team to augment their internal software engineering team. As a result of the partnership, we successfully integrated hundreds of carriers running through thousands of locations with the Wanderu platform using Python.

    Later, Wanderu expanded the team and added Arbisoft’s iOS & Android developers. Thanks to our mobile engineering team, Wanderu launched an iOS app enabling travelers to search online schedules, make bookings, and calculate fare for trips on the move.

    We used Twisted, Treq, and Scrapy to integrate the Wanderu API with Carrier API which allowed the app to access listings from a wider range of road and rail carriers, along with writing custom code to allow location mapping.

    After success with integration and iOS teams, Wanderu expanded their work with Arbisoft and hired data engineering team.

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