• Edly-img

    A learning and training management system that responds to your needs and delivers accordingly while simultaneously connecting you to your audience.

  • Hirestream-img

    An applicant tracking system and recruiting software that gives you more power over hiring decisions that matter. Hirestream automates the tasks that slow you down and refines your process through single-click bulk applicant management.

  • ilmX-img

    A social enterprise committed to connecting and empowering learners by making e-learning opportunities accessible and affordable for all.


    An intuitive solution for facility, workforce, and task management. Fixalert streamlines team synchronization and complaint handling, enhancing productivity with QR-code scanning, micro-surveys, and real-time notifications.

  • Fatafat-img

    A hyper-local delivery service. Using our Interactive WhatsApp Bot, customers can order anything, in seconds, from their local shops and get it delivered in 15 minutes.

  • Workstream-img

    A complete management tool that allows you to easily integrate business functions, streamline processes, and remove the hassle from enterprise resource planning.

  • Listentool-img

    A 360° feedback delivery, communication, and analysis platform that revolutionizes the traditional organization feedback approach.

  • Schoolgram-img

    An interactive learning solution with easy-to-use tools to engage classrooms that adopt and author next-generation learning.

  • Sentimeter-img

    A customer experience management system that allows customers to provide feedback on your product and helps you bring multi-channeled data into a unified dashboard