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Creating excellence through continued innovation

Edly is the education technology product and services extension of Arbisoft that emphasizes on empowering organizations globally by offering cutting-edge ed-tech solutions that set them apart. With Edly, you can build a groundbreaking Learning Management System (LMS) or avail Open edX services to meet your eLearning goals.

Working with the data to accelerate your success

We are committed to generating value for our clients through innovation and a people-driven culture. Our work reflects our dedication to solving real-world problems and bringing value to our client's businesses.

We have made a difference with our experience creating corporate solutions, whether it's related to changing the travel sector, developing applications for medical students and professionals, educating millions of people online, or assisting fintech companies in anticipating stocks.

With over 800 team members spread across three continents, Arbisoft is the perfect partner to meet clients' demands globally.

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We focus on cutting-edge technology and enterprise solutions to address real-world problems and help businesses become bigger & better. Read our success stories here.

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