Helping edX put education into 30 million learners’ pockets

As edX’s official tech partner, Arbisoft helped them put education at their learners’ fingertips through Web and, Android and iOS apps that enabled students to take courses on the go. The apps were designed to allow students offline study options through full video downloads–so they could keep up with classes even without continued Internet access.


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Cambridge, MA


iOS, Android & Web


“We work very closely with their engineers on a day to day basis to produce all of the great work that edX needs to support our learners worldwide.”

Mark Haseltine,
former CTO, edX


In 2012, edX was founded by Harvard University & MIT to provide high-quality courses online. These Massive Online Courses, or MOOCs for short, needed a platform that was intuitive, robust, and accessible to learners all over the world.


This software required the creation of an infrastructure that enabled teachers to post materials while also allowing students to access those materials from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.


We created their web, iOS and Android infrastructure including studio, discussion board, student exam, grading and analytics. Arbisoft also provides end-to-end Open edX services: deployment, customization and branding, support, hosting and maintenance.

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