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    Twinner & Arbisoft

    Founded in 2017, Twinner's platform is designed to provide an exceptional car buying experience to customers, without the need to visit physical dealerships. Its user-friendly virtual showroom offers detailed vehicle information, with high-resolution 3D visuals and interactive hotspots that allow potential buyers to fully explore and examine every aspect of the vehicle's design and features.

    For car dealerships, Twinner's platform is a game-changer, offering a robust solution to elevate their sales process and deliver a seamless buying experience to customers. However, with the growing demand and popularity of its platform, Twinner recognized the need to scale its business infrastructure and expand its target demographics to include the B2C market.

    To achieve this goal, Twinner sought the technical expertise of Arbisoft. Arbisoft's strategic partnership with Twinner in 2021 has enabled the company to simplify the coding and architecture of its platform, streamlining its operations and enhancing its scalability.

    Hence, Arbisoft's involvement has been instrumental in Twinner's successful entry and growth in the German market. Together, Twinner and Arbisoft have accelerated innovation in the automotive industry, driving the adoption of cutting-edge technologies and transforming the car buying process for the better.

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    A Smooth Ride

    Arbisoft's technical expertise proved to be instrumental in helping Twinner expand its business infrastructure and ace the German market. Our engineers simplified the coding and architecture of Twinner's platform and created separate composable modules to streamline the development process and ensure faster refactoring and testability.

    This improved the overall user experience and made it easier for the Twinner team to update and add new features, staying ahead of the competition and maintaining its position as the

    preferred choice for car buyers.

    Owing to Arbisoft's innovative solution, the team came up with a simple, clean, and replaceable structure that was open to modifications and rigorous developments without shaking the entire composition. Due to our strong deliverance, Arbisoft’s team remained independent in the technical and architectural decisions throughout the process. The simplified coding and architecture of the platform not only improved the user experience, but also made it easier for the Twinner team to make updates and add new features. This has enabled Twinner to stay ahead of the game, thus maintaining its position as the preferred choice for car buyers.

    As a result of Arbisoft's contributions, Twinner's growth has been nothing short of phenomenal. Since its launch, the company has successfully disrupted the German market and its virtual showroom has become the go-to destination for car enthusiasts looking for a seamless and hassle-free experience.

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