My Returnship Journey with Boomerang

December 25, 2023

Earlier this year, we unveiled our returnship program - Boomerang. This innovative program shattered gender barriers, extending a warm welcome to individuals with a computer science background seeking to rejoin the workforce after a career break.

Let's hear from Nousheen Fatima, the first hire through the Boomerang Program, about her experience with the program and how it helped her get back in the career game.

Discovering Career Comebacks with Nousheen's Insider Perspective

As someone fortunate enough to witness its inception, I can attest to the program's unique and progressive approach. A career break is not just a pause but an opportunity for reinvention. I am Nousheen Fatima, and my journey as a Junior Software Engineer is more than a tale of returning to the workforce; it's a testament to the transformative power of programs like this designed to reignite professional sparks.

Join me as I unravel the chapters of my returnship journey with Boomerang, a program that not only welcomed me back into the fold but propelled me into a realm of growth, reskilling, and thriving innovation. 

Before my current role as a Junior Software Engineer, I found myself at a crossroads during a three-year career break, largely influenced by the unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Transitioning into the role of a private teacher allowed me to adapt, but it also fueled a desire to explore new opportunities and rediscover my passion for web development.

Returning to Web Development through Boomerang Returnship Program

As I stayed closely connected to web development throughout my career break, I kept a lookout for opportunities that would allow me to re-enter the workforce. The Boomerang returnship program emerged as the perfect avenue to reignite my professional journey. This program stood out by recognizing and celebrating the unique strengths and experiences that individuals bring after a career hiatus.

Application Process

The application process was well thought out, asking for a detailed look at my professional background, the skills I picked up during my break, and why I wanted to return to work. The whole process was clear and transparent, showing the program's dedication to making sure everyone has a shot at success.

I appreciated how organized everything was, and it felt like they genuinely wanted to understand my journey and set me up for success in returning to the workforce. It made the whole experience positive and straightforward.

Smooth Transition & Warm Welcome

Coming back to work was really smooth, all thanks to a well-organized onboarding process. Arbisoft made sure I got a good look at the company's culture, values, and expectations during an insightful orientation, which set the stage for a successful return.

The transition felt seamless, and I felt well-prepared to dive back into the workforce, knowing exactly what to expect and how I could contribute effectively.

Nurturing Growth Through Boomerang

The Boomerang program has been instrumental in my professional development since my return. Tailored training and mentorship opportunities have not only enhanced my technical skills but have also opened doors for continuous learning and growth.

Inclusivity and Belonging in the Workplace

The workplace culture within the company has been a cornerstone of my positive experience. Returnship members, including myself, were welcomed into teams with open arms, creating a sense of belonging from day one. The company's leadership actively promotes collaboration and open communication, fostering an environment conducive to success.

Overcoming Challenges, Celebrating Success

Returning to work after a career break presented its share of challenges, particularly in adapting to technological changes. Proactively engaging in targeted training sessions provided by the Boomerang program not only helped me overcome these challenges but also led to positive feedback from leaders and mentors. The journey has been marked by personal triumphs and professional achievements.

Advice for Aspiring Returnees

For individuals considering a returnship program like Boomerang, I offer two pieces of advice:

1. Stay informed about industry trends and participate in training sessions to update and enhance your skills. The resources provided by the Boomerang program were invaluable in this regard.

2. View challenges as opportunities for growth. Stay resilient, be open to learning, and leverage each experience as a stepping stone toward achieving your professional goals.

Key Insights

My journey underscores the importance of diverse perspectives in the workplace. The Boomerang program recognized and valued the unique skills and experiences that returnship members bring. Embracing diversity fosters innovation and enriches the collaborative dynamics within teams.

All in all, my returnship journey with Boomerang has been a transformative experience, filled with learning, growth, and the joy of rediscovering my professional passion. As I continue to thrive in my role as a junior software engineer, I hope my story inspires others to embrace change, overcome challenges, and seize the opportunities that returnship programs offer for reigniting their careers.

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