Gather 'Round - Arbisoft's Dining Culture

June 11, 2024

At Arbisoft, lunchtime isn't just about fueling up; it's a cherished part of our day that brings us together in delightful ways. Let's take a closer look at the four distinct lunch experiences that add a unique flavor to our workplace.


Daily Free Lunch

They say there's no such thing as a free lunch, but there is at Arbisoft! Every day, all our offices serve a complimentary delicious lunch that's become a cherished part of our culture. This daily tradition of providing free lunch reflects our commitment to fostering a supportive and inclusive workplace where everyone can recharge and reconnect over a hearty meal.

We even have a Wishlist Channel on Slack where team members can request a preferred dish on specific days. Our admin team makes sure to fulfill these requests, ensuring that meals are not just nourishing but also tailored to members' tastes and preferences.




Quarterly Team Lunch

Quarterly team lunches are our chance to bond outside the office, courtesy of Arbisoft. Each team decides on the time and place, whether it's a cozy lunch spot or a dinner meet-up. It's a time for team bonding, laughter, and shared moments over meals.

At Arbisoft, we believe in nurturing strong team bonds, both inside and outside the office. That's why we sponsor quarterly team lunches, providing a wonderful opportunity for team members to come together and enjoy a meal. Since many of our teams have members working from different cities, these gatherings also serve as a chance to meet everyone face-to-face and spend quality time together.

Each team gets to pick when and where to have their lunch or dinner. And if someone can't come in person, they can still join by ordering food from home or wherever they like, and we'll pay for it. This makes sure everyone feels included and can enjoy being part of the team.

Now, let's hear from Annaam Bin Muhammad - Digital Marketing Team Lead  about his thoughts on team lunch:

“I like the quarterly team lunch because it always provides a chance to get to know your team members better and understand them as a person plus interact with them in a completely different (and fun) way. That inevitably leads to a better working dynamic later on.”


Client Sponsored Lunch

Our client-sponsored lunches are a delightful token of appreciation. Whenever our clients want to celebrate our collaboration, they treat us to these special meals, reinforcing the bonds of trust and friendship.

But lunchtime at Arbisoft is more than just food; it's also about fostering a healthy work culture. These shared meals create opportunities for informal networking, brainstorming sessions, and building relationships beyond project discussions. Lunch breaks become a time to recharge, connect, and exchange ideas, improving team dynamics and collaboration across departments.

Late Sitting Food Expense Reimbursement

Recognizing the diverse needs of our team members working across different time zones, we offer a Late Sitting food expense reimbursement plan. This initiative is designed to support those working after 7:00 pm onwards, allowing them to order their preferred meals and get reimbursed under this category. It's our way of ensuring that everyone has the fuel they need to perform at their best, regardless of the hour.

In essence, lunchtime/mealtime at Arbisoft is a flavorful journey of teamwork, appreciation, and connection. It's where meals meet meaningful conversations, creating a workplace environment that nurtures productivity and well-being. 

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    Amna Manzoor

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