A Day in the Life of a Product Designer at Arbisoft

September 11, 2023

Being a product designer at Arbisoft is a thrilling experience. Each day brings new challenges and opportunities to shape the way users interact with technology and our product designers become the architects of their experience.

But how exactly does a product designer craft user experiences? How do they tackle the many facets of addressing user needs through product design? And how do they combat burnout to remain sharp for every new project?

Let’s find out the answers to all this and much more through the lens of Saad Baig, a product designer in Arbisoft’s Product Design and Research Lab - Nurture. 

Stepping into the Shoes of Saad Baig - Product Designer in Nurture

Join Saad Baig on a journey through his typical day, where creativity and collaboration take center stage. 

Morning Inspiration: Make Digital Experiences that Shine

As the first rays of the sun paint the sky, I wake up with a sense of enthusiasm and purpose, anticipating the opportunities the day holds.  Each morning, I enjoy creating user-friendly digital solutions from abstract concepts. It's a fun challenge, and I look forward to seeing what I can create each day.

A Multifaceted Role: Crafting User Experiences

Throughout the day, my focus as a product designer is to bring user requirements to life. Collaborating closely with product managers and engineers, I strive to align the design vision seamlessly with the product's objectives. The goal is to create intuitive and engaging user experiences that leave a lasting impact.

Transforming Requirements into Designs: An Iterative Journey

Every project is unique and comes with its own set of challenges and chances to learn and grow. Recently, I had a task to address a specific user need. I started by talking with my team and doing thorough research. I looked at existing systems for inspiration and used my design skills to create different concepts. After that, I shared my ideas with the clients and used their feedback to make the final design even better.

Combating Burnout: Prioritizing Self-Care

Recognizing the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance, I make time for breaks throughout the day to recharge my mind and avoid burnout. Engaging in conversations with my supportive team members and seeking their insights help me navigate challenges with renewed energy.

Design Superpower: Super Speed

If I could possess a design superpower, I would choose the gift of super speed. With this ability, I could effortlessly handle multiple projects, ensuring that each one receives the attention and dedication it deserves, all while delivering exceptional results efficiently.

Designing Efficiently: Harmonizing with Electronic Beats

As product designers, we all have our unique ways to fuel creativity. For me, it's all about immersing myself in inspiring music on platforms like Spotify. The energetic beats create an ambiance that helps me get into the zone and maintain unwavering focus during the design process. It's amazing how the right music can uplift my creativity and bring out the best in my work.

Figma: My Design Companion

Every product designer has their own preferred design tools, and for me, Figma is my go-to ally. Its collaborative features, user-friendly interface, and design kits are incredibly helpful in streamlining my workflow, making it effortless to work seamlessly with my team. With Figma, I feel empowered to bring my creative ideas to life and create exceptional user experiences.

Collaboration for Effective Implementation: The Product Manager and Engineer Connection

To ensure the effective implementation of the design vision, I try to maintain regular check-ins with the product manager and front-end developers. Through regular check-ins, design reviews, and detailed feedback, I and other people in my discipline foster a seamless and united approach that ensures our collective efforts culminate in a stellar user experience.

Overcoming Design Challenges: The Color Palette Conundrum

Throughout various projects, I have encountered diverse design challenges, one of which involves working with limited color palettes. When faced with this obstacle, I employ a meticulous approach by analyzing existing systems and exploring complementary colors. This ensures that I can maintain brand consistency while infusing a fresh and vibrant look into the design. By striking the perfect balance between creativity and consistency, I can create visually compelling user experiences that resonate with both the brand identity and the users' preferences.

Design Process in Emojis: Thinking, Creating, Implementing, and Satisfying

My design process would be described by the following emojis:

  1. 🤔 (thinking)
  2. 🌈 (making designs)
  3. 🚀 (reviewing and implementing)
  4. 🤯 (existential crises) 
  5. 🫡 (satisfaction)

This sequence captures the iterative nature of design, the excitement of creation, occasional challenges, and the rewarding feeling of progress.

Dream Collaboration: Chris Do's Creative Insight

In my dream collaboration, I would partner with visionary artists and designers to learn from their insights and gain fresh perspectives. Working alongside them would elevate my creativity and push the boundaries of innovation in my work.


As the day comes to an end, I reflect on the fulfilling journey of being a product designer at Arbisoft. Passionate about crafting meaningful user experiences, I leave no stone unturned in my pursuit of excellence. Through creativity and collaboration, I am driven to shape the future of digital experiences, one design at a time.

Now that you've gained insight into a day in the life of a product designer at Arbisoft, as per the perspective of Saad Baig, let's delve into the typical day of a Software Engineer from Hussain's viewpoint. Discover the dynamic challenges and innovative solutions that shape the digital landscape in our next blog!

If you're ready to embark on this thrilling journey as a product designer, explore opportunities to join our team of dedicated professionals today. Your dream job awaits, and together, we will continue to shape the digital landscape for a better tomorrow.

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