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What are MOOCs and Open edX?

Massive Open Online Courses, or MOOCs for short, are freely-accessible and open-source online courses that allow thousands of people from all over the world to join, usually for free, often with the only requirement being access to the internet.

Open edX is the open-source software that powers hundreds of online learning courses and Arbisoft is responsible for the development of many core Open edX features and innovations.

Our Services

As an edX partner and edX service provider and contributor, we offer clients a unique advantage when it comes to custom development, implementation and integration, managed hosting, support and training.

Open edX Platform Deployment

We have all the tools to get your Open edX platform up and running. After clients have given the final go-ahead we offer hosting as well as long-term maintenance services. We take care to ensure all operations are stable and oversee the smooth adjustment of your online courses.

Customisation & Branding

Our developers are specialists in white labelling, giving customers a ‘re-skinned’ Open edX platform that incorporates your corporate colours, fonts, logo and more to provide end users with an immersive branding experience.

Hosting Advisory & Support

Our extensively experienced team can help you find the best solution to fit your business needs, ranging from self-help to enterprise options. The Arbisoft team knows how to create out-of-the-box solutions and communicate technicalities to non-technical clients in a way that allows them to develop the best product for their needs and use it to its full potential.

Support and assistance services

While most of our Open edX courseware is easily managed, we offer technical support and assistance to facilitate instructors and learners during setup and configuration. And thanks to our involvement with edX since its inception, we have the expertise to provide the highest level of support across all versions of the platform, XBlocks, advanced Open edX services and custom applications.

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Open edX consulting

Our deep understanding of edX allows us to give you the best solution to fit your objectives and budget. From building Open edX ecosystems, to custom MOOC deployment, development of new course materials or blended classes, we work to find the best-fit solution for your needs, while ensuring you have a fully personalised Open edX platform to work with.

Learning Analytics

By continuously tracking enrolment numbers, our course developers can keep an eye out for spikes, adjust due dates and extend availability of course material to allow latecomers time to catch up, and maximise chances of successful completion. Our breakdown report tracks student demographics to.

Course authoring

A key benefit of choosing Arbisoft is our agility with course authoring. Whether working from scratch or integrating customized apps; from importing heavy files such as packaged content to directly uploading customised videos, PDFs and quizzes that we created, we do it all.


Our team has modified the edX e-commerce service for clients like Harvard Medical School, MITx, among others. Currently, we’re integrating a new edX payment system (Adyen), which will aid greater reach into the Chinese market. We’ve also updated the account settings page, and improved its UI for the end users

Mobile Applications

Besides using the existing tools to get the best learning experience, our team of over 50 dedicated edX developers are constantly working on creating and rolling out new features in Android and iOS apps for downloadable online courseware.

Platform Integration

One of the most exciting and challenging aspects of our work deals with upgrading platforms and keeping them in-sync with changes that are happening daily: so when a client wants to migrate their data and courseware from a previous version of the Open edX platform,

What sets us apart

World class engineering team

At the 2016 Open edX conference Arbisoft revealed its latest contributions: customisation of the edX platform, consolidating branding features, developing the edX credentials service for course verification, and modifying the edX e-commerce service for Harvard Medical School and MITx. Our team of over 50 dedicated engineers is also doing exciting work with RESTful APIs to give mobile and web clients increased access, and extending the Open edX platform for clients like McKinsey Academy.

Strong problem solving expertise

Bringing our combined expertise together to solve problems as a team has lead to the development of unique solutions for clients’ needs such as our innovative Open edX platforms for training in the workplace using 3D videos and simulations to help McDonalds train new employees. Our full range of edX-related services means we can take care of your business and academic training needs from development, customisation, course authoring, testing, to support and training.

Leader in modern technologies

Arbisoft’s team works tirelessly to connect Open edX to the future. Virtual Software Labs, 3D Simulation and Open edX mobile apps are just a few of our premium products that can be tailored to clients’ needs while giving students a cutting-edge learning experience which exceed the possibilities of a traditional classroom. Who better to unlock the online learning possibilities of Open edX for you?

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