Ed-tech services

Ed-tech services

Bringing education and technology together by providing top-notch services

With 15 years of experience and several happy clients under our belt, we are proudly playing our part in making education accessible to all through our education technology services. Being an edX partner and Open edX service provider, we offer cutting-edge ed-tech solutions designed to meet the needs of your end users and learners.

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Edly is the education technology product and services extension of Arbisoft that emphasizes on empowering organizations globally by offering cutting-edge ed-tech solutions that set them apart. With Edly, you can build a groundbreaking Learning Management System (LMS) or avail Open edX services to meet your eLearning goals.

Edly LMS

Loaded with the right tools needed to build a successful learning management system, Edly LMS is an all-in-one eLearning ecosystem backed by open edX technology that’s fueling online learning for millions across the globe

Edly essentials

Best for organizations getting started with their eLearning

Edly elite

Best for organizations with an established user base

Edly for enterprise

Best for organizations with the largest user bases or custom needs

Being an edX partner, we provide trusted expertise in custom development, implementation, and integration

Open edX installation

Get your preferred Open edX release deployed by the most experienced and best-in-class team of developers on a hosting infrastructure of your choice.

Open edX custom solutions

Build the most sophisticated eLearning platform by leveraging Open edX custom solutions to get features of your choice incorporated into your eLearning platform.

LMS training and support

Gear up for success with our LMS training and support services that ensure easy platform onboarding.

Data migration

Easily move data from your existing LMS to a more scalable, Open edX-backed LMS without any complexities.

Instructional design

Create engaging course content that keeps the learners hooked with our trusted instructional design services.

Managed hosting

Get the Open edX instance hosted on your servers but managed and supported by our team of experts.

Providing top-quality Moodle services for your business-specific needs

Regular hosting

We develop a kit to fulfill your platform’s unique needs to ensure high reliability and availability.


We can provide high-quality requirements analysis and documentation services with expert market analysts and Moodle users.

Installation & support

Our team will help you deliver a steady and scalable learning management system for your organization through expertise in high-performance moodle systems.

Enhancement & customization

Our team consists of Moodle specialists and developers, ready to add any new feature or custom code to create a custom feature.

Branding & design

We incorporate user-centric design concepts to make it easy for students, learners, managers, and administrators to understand and interact with any part of the platform.

Course authoring/ e-learning technical development

Creating an enjoyable and interactive learning experience with the help of a fully equipped team

E-learning courses

Our team of E-learning technical developers carefully curates advanced course content for the management and C-level tier of various organizations. Courses are designed and translated into 13 different languages.

Experience design

We design interactive courses that are friendly for both course administrators and users alike. We are skilled at creating experiences that keep users engaged and improve retention.

Data support

Our team extracts customer data that flows through the LMS and compiles it into comprehensive user reports.

Platform support

We are trained to provide support for a number of E-learning platforms and tools including but not limited to Elucidat, edX, and Docebo.

Case Studies

We work on cutting-edge technology and enterprise solutions to solve real-world problems and help businesses become bigger & better.

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The Arbisoft advantage

Our teams know how to take on your projects and meet your dynamic Edtech needs.

World-class engineering team

Our engineering team specializes in the customization of Open edX development and modifying the edX e-commerce service.

Strong problem solving expertise

Teamwork helped us create Open edX platforms enabling Mcdonald's to use 3D videos and simulations for workplace training.

Leader in modern technologies

Virtual Software Labs, 3D Simulation and Open edX mobile apps are just a few of our premium products that can be custom based to suit your needs.