CodeKer by Arbisoft

Arbisoft created CodeKer as an AI-powered alternative to platforms like Phind, Github Copilot, and ChatGPT Plus. Designed to optimize the software development lifecycle, CodeKer identifies coding issues, offers test case support, and streamlines solutions. It's a flexible tool easily integrated into various development environments.

Key Objectives of CodeKer

  • Upholding Code Confidentiality

    The primary focus of the initiative was to optimize the software development process while safeguarding Arbisoft's proprietary code. This security measure ensured the protection of sensitive information and data from inadvertent exposure during collaborative problem-solving.

  • Time-Saving for Engineers

    One of the core goals was to enhance the productivity of Arbisoft's engineers. CodeKer was designed to save valuable time by providing intelligent suggestions and automating repetitive coding tasks. This time-saving aspect allowed engineers to focus on more critical aspects of their work.

  • Versatility in Project Work

    CodeKer aimed to empower engineers to work on different projects seamlessly. By automating repetitive coding tasks and offering accurate suggestions, the tool enabled engineers to contribute effectively to a variety of projects, fostering versatility and adaptability.

  • Resource Optimization

    Utilizing resources efficiently was a crucial aspect of the initiative. CodeKer's assistance streamlined the development process, allowing engineers to allocate their time and mental energy more effectively. This optimization facilitated a more efficient use of resources across various projects.

  • Maintaining Code Security

    A paramount objective of CodeKer was to provide an in-house solution that eliminated the risks associated with external paid tools like Github Copilot, BARD, and Phind. By doing so, it ensured the maintenance of code security, protecting against unintentional code exposure and potential security vulnerabilities.

The Rationale

In software development, integrating AI-based tools has become instrumental in driving progress. Recognizing the potential of tools like ChatGPT, GitHub CoPilot, Perplexity, BARD, and more, we support their use to increase developer productivity. This commitment, however, is tempered by our adherence to security measures and ethical considerations.

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