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“The quality of work produced by the team is a testament to their can do – never give up – positive attitude. There is no task too hard or too complex for this team and I am tremendously satisfied with the outstanding work they continue to deliver for Travelliance.” Dori HotoranDirector Global Operations
  • Travelliance & Arbisoft

    For over 30 years, Travelliance has provided corporate lodging and crew accommodation for airlines around the world, offering them a way to keep budgets in check while ensuring crews and stranded passengers can look forward to a comfortable rest after a tough day. In order to deliver upon its promise, Travelliance required a robust web platform customers could rely upon to be available in times of emergency, a way to make the world’s largest hotel database rapidly responsive so it could handle bookings for a large volume of guests at once, as well as accurate budget tracking and invoicing.

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  • How we fit together

    We set up load-balanced servers to host the platform designed for performance using a modern, continuously maintained tech stack. Within the platform itself, we created a robust accounting module for the web platform through which Travelliance could invoice airlines against all the bookings made in the system, facilitating IROPS managers and allowing airlines to approve or dispute invoices with a click. We created a customizable real-time reporting module, which airlines use to track spending as it happened while allowing hotels to track how many bookings and revenue came via Travelliance. We also developed a custom API to facilitate airline systems’ integration with Travelliance so they could directly request accommodations for large disruptions — mostly up to 500 passengers — without additional hassle and could easily check booking information for all passengers.

  • Making it matter

    Our engineering team worked alongside Travelliance’s team to develop a platform that slashed the downtime to zero, while the database optimizations increased the accuracy and ease of managing up to 7 million annual bookings. Travelliance was able to start offering its customers 24/7 support backed by our engineering team — which makes 8760 hours of availability per year. The company immediately saw an increase in revenues and was able to expand operations across 6 continents. This resulted in market expansion, allowing Travelliance to diversify their service offerings, while the accounting module helped airlines save time and money, and process automation helped them minimize human error in critical situations.

  • Technology used

    PHP, Python, Django, MySQL, MSSQL, AngularJS, Bootstrap CSS, React Native

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