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    Sastaticket & Arbisoft

    Sastaticket.pk needed a high-performance application that could handle real-time pricing updates from multiple critical data sources and intricate business logic, all while combining a complicated software architecture. Prior to partnering with Arbisoft in 2018, they had been utilizing licensed software for their search and booking flow, which failed to meet their needs.

    Sastaticket.pk teamed up with Arbisoft, a technology partner that could help them overcome the challenges and build the technology for Pakistan's first all-encompassing online travel agency.

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    How we fit together

    Our team of twelve people, including a software architect, front-end and backend developers, a UX designer, DevOps, and quality assurance engineers, developed a cross-browser ReactJS web application with a modularized and easily extensible codebase. Arbisoft team also built integrations with Global Distribution Systems like Sabre and Amadeus and fetched results directly from third-party websites like Pakistan Railways, bus ticketing companies, and others. To ensure that customers have a great end-to-end user experience, our team developed features such as login, search travel designation, flight booking, and PNR generation. We also implemented data polling for time optimization so customers can search for tickets faster than ever before. We made the web app mobile responsive using JavaScript to ensure that users can get the best out of their ticket-buying experience on any mobile device.

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    Making it matter

    Arbisoft's technical solutions enabled Sastaticket to provide a reliable service for its customers while ensuring it is secure from outside threats or malicious actors. The partnership was a successful one that resulted in significant growth for the platform. In the months following the web application's launch, Sastaticket successfully raised USD 1.5 million in funding. To sustain this success, Arbisoft helped them hire an in-house team and slowly transferred their technology so they could continue managing their software.

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    Technology used

    Arbisoft utilized Python Django and ReactJS to create the Sastaticket platform. Python Django was used for the backend, while ReactJS was utilized for the front end.

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