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Ed Zarecor
“Arbisoft has been a valued partner to edX since 2013. We work with their engineers day in and day out to advance the Open edX platform and support our learners across the world.”Ed ZarecorSenior Director and Head of Engineering
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    edX & Arbisoft

    In 2012, edX was founded by Harvard University and MIT with the mission to increase access to high-quality education for everyone, everywhere, by offering high-quality courses online. These Massive Online Courses or MOOCs needed a platform that was intuitive, robust, and accessible to learners all over the world. Since its early days, Arbisoft has been keen on developing software for education

    Hence, began a mutually beneficial partnership between Arbisoft & edX in a mission to make education open-source with an online MOOC platform, Open edX(r), anyone can use. We have a team of over 150 people doing a full gamut of edX platform related development, customization, course authoring, testing, and support services.

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    How we fit together

    We’ve contributed to the refinement of Studio features like course import/export, content creation, visual progress, and video uploads; as well as tab or inline discussions, timed or proctored exams, grading, Publisher, edX analytics.

    Our Enterprise Service app engineering teams have been working since 2017 to develop and extend the edX for Business, which offers features tailored for the needs of enterprise customers.

    We’ve provided integration with enterprise Single Sign On (SSO) platforms, automatic enterprise entitlements, and reporting tools designed for enterprise learners and customers. We’ve also extended edX platform to easily integrate it with third-party LMS which allows enterprise customers share their course metadata with LMS like SAP Success Factors and Degreed.

    Since mid 2015, our data engineers have worked alongside edX’s team to maintain and improve edX analytics capabilities as well as enable them to make data-driven decisions about the platform and its courses.

    Right from the beginning of our relationship, our quality assurance engineers have provided end-to-end testing of the edX for Business team. Our Learner Support teams provide edX’s most important stakeholders—its learners—timely support to resolve queries and technical issues.

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    Making it matter

    Arbisoft and edX have grown together over time, strengthening the relationship and integrating more of our capabilities to provide edX a reliable, 360° solution from software development, maintenance, enterprise extension, to data analytics and customer support.

    Our contributions have significantly improved software delivery, scaled up feature development and issue resolution, enabled provision of enterprise-services that directly contribute to increasing revenue, leveraged data insights to allow edX to set a better course for product development, and increased consumer and B2B market faith in edX as a MOOC platform.

    Our QA team has allowed edX to eliminate the need for manual regression testing and successfully allowed daily automated releases. We’ve also tested and facilitated the launch of several high-profile edX Business customers.

    Together, our contributions continue to help edX grow in size, revenue, and reputation as an Agile company with a robust open-source platform. It’s unsurprising that over 20 million learners and 140 partners trust it to deliver the learning management solution they need.

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    Technology used

    Python/Django, Javascript, React, Locust, Bok-Choy, Swift, Objective-c, Java(android)

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