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  • Client: Scoop Excavator
  • Date: Sept. 5, 2014
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Simply Tilt and Go! Your excavator is off and running with real world physics programmed to your touch.

Don't know what a Boom, Bucket, Swing, or Stick are? You will, after pummeling the ground with touch sensitive joysticks, operating precisely as they did at your grandfather's job site. Scoop’s realistic and playful controls spark everyone's childlike curiosity to operate heavy equipment.

Complete jobs to earn paychecks, or enjoy creative free play, demolition, and challenging physics-based puzzles in the Sandbox. To get the job done, both SAE and ISO joystick control patterns are available. For more experienced operators, each control pattern has an advanced setting, combining the two motions of each joystick simultaneously.

Gear shifting, hydraulic hissing, rise and shine with the roosters, old-fashioned hard work. Well... not exactly. While Scoop is based around what appears to be an ordinary excavator, the jobs, tasks and missions will be anything but ordinary.

You have the pleasure of working for Chuck. Chuck is known for tackling jobs that the faint of heart and weak of stomach wouldn't dare to get tangled up in


Simulation technical features:

  • Device accelerometers and excavator tracks movement
  • Joysticks to control the excavator's boom, bucket, stick and swing
  • Mud digging simulation using mesh deformation
  • Gameplay programming
  • Level designing and scene building of jobs, bonus levels, tutorial and sandbox mode


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