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  • Date: Jan. 7, 2013
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QLibris is a fully hosted, highly-scaleable online authoring platform that provides an Integration Gateway used to create, maintain, and support:

  • QBooks
  • QGames
  • QLibraries

With 24x7 availability, QLibris allows non-technical Subject Matter Experts or other non-technical resources to develop custom game-based training in days not months. QLibris contains the following features and functionality:

  • Hosted in a multi-tenant, high-performance environment
  • Built around a dynamic XML data model engine
  • Use standard Microsoft tools (Word & Excel) to Develop QBook and QGame content
  • Complete learner and platform user administration
  • Management Dashboards


With its extensive SQL data mining and reporting capabilities, QLibris tracks learning effectiveness and learner usage. QLibris includes a variety of valuable pre-existing management report templates summarizing game results by Region, Job role, or other learner unit.

QLibris' intelligently-built analytics provides highly valuable data to training managers and helps them determine who learned what with 400% to 700% more reliability than traditional Learning Management Systems.


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