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  • Client: PayPerks
  • Date: Jan. 7, 2013
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PayPerks engaged Arbisoft to help design and build the pilot version of its education and rewards based platform for helping its customers make an easy switch to prepaid cards. After the successful launch of the pilot and the subsequent funding from investors, PayPerks continues to work with Arbisoft on an on-going basis with a dedicated team that is an extension of PayPerks' in-house product, development, and testing teams across all aspects of the PayPerks platform -- core platform and back-end, web and mobile sites, 3rd-party data integrations and mobile apps.

The PayPerks pilot involved re-developing the PayPerks public-facing website onto a Django/MySQL platform. This first version of the platform is based on Django/MongoDB using REST APIs and WebClient as the frontend. The Arbisoft team continues to work directly with PayPerks CTO/Head of Product and PayPerks' in-house teams to define requirements, design, develop and test the platform.

The PayPerks products are being built with cutting edge tools and technologies including Git/GitHub, PivotalTracker, Django and MongoDB (a non-SQL database).

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