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  • Client: Kurfuffl
  • Date: Jan. 11, 2013
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Kurfuffl is a new media start-up devoted to bringing people together through the universal love for friendly competition.

Kurfuffl is an app that is all about staying connected.  It is one-part battlefield, one-part scoreboard, one-part referee, and all-parts amazing. The social gaming platform lets you challenge your friends to everyday competitions, document every story-filled score, and award the winner their spoils. Whether you're competing against the girl next door or a boy on the other side of the globe, Kurfuffl strengthens connections through virtual competitions. Not everyone can win, but everyone can be part of a great game.

Kurfuffl brought Arbisoft onboard to develop the iPhone version of the app. Arbisoft's development team contributed to the project by designing the user interface and by developing the frontend and backend of Kurfuffl's iPhone version.


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