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  • Client: Dura Pro Apps
  • Date: Jan. 21, 2013
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duraproapps is a work flow management system with ability to track prospects/customers. It has simple user/friendly interface to create projects and perform actions on them.

It has a very flexible messaging system which makes collaboration quick and easy. Its email notification system sends to-do lists to in-box of users for quick actions. It has variety of reports to track efficiency, productivity or users and to track revenue inflows.

CaliberVantage gives your organization a collaborative environment that provides global resource procurement, talent management, and enterprise portfolio and project management processes; from Buyers, to Suppliers, to executive-level decision makers.

Arbisoft inherited the code-base from another contractor, significantly overhauled it in order to deliver measurable performance improvements and then added major features such as resource exchange and contract management tools, integrated project management and social networking.


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