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  • Client: Caliber Vantage
  • Date: Jan. 7, 2013
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CaliberVantage is an integrated, on-demand, web-based application that optimizes the processes associated with:

  • Locating qualified service professionals to extend workforce and allows businesses to meet customer demands.
  • Procurement and management of contingent labor and other external business services such as consulting projects and outsourced functions.
  • Planning, executing, and delivering an enterprise portfolio of projects through collaborative resource utilization.
  • Managing the entire talent life-cycle that is configurable according to an organization's goals and objectives which enables easy tracking of individual employee's performance across the organization.

Arbisoft inherited the code-base from another contractor, significantly overhauled it in order to deliver measurable performance improvements and then added major features such as resource exchange & contract management tools, integrated project management and social networking tools.


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