Helping make Math fun through web & mobile apps

Over a million teachers throughout the USA trust TenMarks for providing independent and classroom learning in more than 85% of school districts.

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Web, Android, iOS

Jake Peters

CEO & Co-Founder, PayPerks

Arbisoft is an integral part of our team and we probably wouldn’t be here today without them. Some of their team has worked with us for 5–8 years and we’ve built a trusted business relationship. We share successes together.

Dr. Paul Brown

Consulting Associate Professor, Stanford University School of Medicine

Our demands for world class quality have always been met. It is with pleasure and confidence that we continue to work closely with this exceptional group.

Gerald Devlin

CEO & Founder, Lendaid Inc.

I certainly attribute the robustness of the search engine to them and I’m glad to have found someone with their resources. They’ve worked with large companies, and their name gives clout to my business. They delivered a high-end product and feedback has been great.

Connor Diemand-Yauman

CEO, Philanthropy University

I couldn't be more pleased with the Arbisoft team. Their engineering product is top notch, as is their client relations and account management. From the beginning, they felt like members of our own team—true partners rather than vendors.

Ed Zarecor

Senior Director and Head of Engineering, edX

Arbisoft has been a valued partner to edX since 2013. We work with their engineers day in and day out to advance the Open edX platform and support our learners across the world.

Paul English

Co-Founder, KAYAK

I have managed remote teams now for over ten years, and our early work with Arbisoft is the best experience I've had for off site contractors

Silvan Rath


The app has generated significant revenue and received industry awards, which is attributed to Arbisoft’s work. Team members are proactive, collaborative, and responsive.

Alice Danon

Project Coordinator, World Bank

They delivered a high-quality product and their customer service was excellent. We’ve had other teams approach us, asking to use it for their own projects.

TenMarks & Arbisoft

TenMarks, an Amazon company, provided solutions created and led by educators and technologists to personalize online Math practice while aligning it with Common Core and state standards. It provides Math practice and enrichment programs for first through twelfth graders using a structured approach of practice, on-demand hints, video lessons and real-time results. TenMarks Math is used by students in more than 85% of school districts in the U.S.


How We Fit Together

Arbisoft mainly provides software development and testing services to TenMarks. We played an instrumental role in the development of apps and infrastructure for TenMarks over 5 years—creating web, iOS, and Android apps for TenMarks designed for independent and classroom use, providing full support to parents and teachers, QA monitoring and continued development. The mobile apps have been downloaded over 100,000 times.

The applications serve more than 2 million users with more than 220 million server requests per week while maintaining server response times under 100 milliseconds and seamlessly rendering Math equations as well as accepting and grading their solutions. We’ve worked on almost every aspect of this software, from frontend to JVM optimization.


Making It Matter

Just six months after we started working with TenMarks, it was acquired by Amazon. Although it started as a consumer application targeting teachers but its superior functionality, extensive Math support, and comprehensive content prompted school interest with school districts becoming its primary customers and rapidly deploying it across multiple schools. The application is trusted by more than 125,000 teachers throughout the USA and was also able to expand its subject offering.


Technology Used

Our engineers used a plethora of technologies (including Spring, Hibernate, Javascript, MongoDB, AWS Cloud Services, RabbitMQ, Gradle, Spock/Junit, and RSpec) to implement website accessibility, iOS and Android apps, third-party integrations, and new features. One of our engineering teams also contributed to developing the custom CMS implementation using Scala, Play, and Spring