Women In Technology: Balancing Dreams & Responsibilities

June 14, 2023

Striking a Balance: Empowering Women in Tech through Fiza Bajwa's Experience

Women are making waves, pushing boundaries, and driving innovation not just in tech but across every sector. In our quest to explore the experiences of remarkable women in tech, we had the privilege of interviewing Fiza Bajwa—Sr. E-Learning Technical QA/ SQA at Arbisoft. 

In this edition, we have the privilege of exploring the remarkable professional journey of Fiza Bajwa. Today, we step into Fiza's realm as she eloquently recounts her transformative experience, shedding light on the pivotal moments that have shaped her career trajectory.

Unveiling the Unexpected

My journey in the world of technology began after completing my final exams for my bachelor’s degree when I found myself doing an internship in software development in PHP. However, it was during this time that I discovered the realm of quality assurance (QA) and decided to take a leap of faith and apply for a position at Arbisoft. Little did I know that this opportunity would shape my future in ways I never imagined.

A Supportive and Flexible Workplace

In October 2017, I joined Arbisoft as a junior QA, and it quickly became more than just a workplace—it became a second home. With its convenient location and supportive team, Arbisoft provided me with a sense of comfort and security. The company's flexibility in managing my schedules allowed me to strike a balance between my personal and professional life, fostering a positive work environment.

Balancing Personal and Professional Life

In the tapestry of my life, where family obligations and work commitments intertwine, Arbisoft has been a guiding light. As one of four sisters, with our father working overseas, the balancing act often feels overwhelming. Yet, Arbisoft has consistently shown understanding and support, allowing me the space to prioritize my family's needs without unnecessary explanations.

A particular moment stands out vividly in my memory. When my mother had a severe fall, I rushed home without informing my lead in the flurry of concern. It was only later that I realized my oversight. But to my surprise, my lead greeted me with empathy and compassion, never expressing frustration for my delayed communication. This display of care reflects the essence of Arbisoft's culture.

Arbisoft's unwavering commitment to work-life balance and profound understanding of personal complexities sets it apart. It embraces the unpredictability of life, recognizing that our best work emerges when we feel supported in all aspects. By nurturing an environment that values personal empowerment, Arbisoft has become a haven for women in technology to thrive and excel.

My journey with Arbisoft has taught me the power of a company that embraces both personal and professional spheres. It has redefined industry standards, creating a culture where individuals can harmoniously navigate the beautiful dance of life. As I continue this journey, I am grateful for Arbisoft's constant support and the opportunities it provided for personal growth and fulfillment.

Navigating Through the Pandemic

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, Arbisoft showcased unwavering understanding and compassion, positioning itself as a leading example. By swiftly implementing remote work arrangements, the company effectively eased the burden associated with navigating through uncertain times. This move not only eased the burden of adjusting to the new normal but also demonstrated the company's empathy and understanding. 

Even before the pandemic engulfed our lives, Arbisoft recognized the importance of allowing its team members to manage their schedules autonomously. It never imposed strict rules or enforced fixed working hours. Instead, it provided us with the freedom and flexibility to structure our work around our lives.

This approach has been a game-changer for me. It has allowed me to seamlessly navigate the intricate balance between my personal and professional responsibilities. I no longer feel trapped in a rigid work routine that drains me mentally and physically. Instead, I have the freedom to choose the best time and environment to work, which has enhanced my productivity and overall well-being.

Empowerment through Opportunities

Arbisoft is more than just a company; it's a community that nurtures personal and professional growth. When I was granted the opportunity to embark on a 40-day pilgrimage journey, Arbisoft supported me in working remotely. This level of understanding and flexibility allowed me to pursue my religious obligations while staying connected to my critical tasks that needed attention. 

Embracing a Culture of Possibilities

Arbisoft's diverse and empowering culture has been a catalyst for my personal and professional growth. Through workshops and leadership opportunities, the company has nurtured my potential, encouraging me to break barriers and explore new horizons.

The Power of Family Support: Inspiring Success

My family, a harmonious ensemble of support, has been an instrumental force in my journey through technology. With a supportive father, a successful aunt, and the unwavering encouragement of my mother and sisters, they collectively exemplify the importance of familial bonds and societal support in empowering women. Their unconditional guidance, belief in my capabilities, and relentless encouragement have driven my determination to make a meaningful difference.

Through the highs and lows, my mother's nurturing presence has provided solace and strength, while my sisters' firm belief in my potential has constantly reminded me of my worth. Their constant faith in my abilities has fueled my passion and encouraged me to embrace challenges head-on, knowing I have an unyielding support system standing firmly by my side.

I clearly recall an incident during a visit to our village. Amidst skepticism from others, I was challenged to drive the harvester. While voices of doubt surrounded me, my father confidently proclaimed, "She can do it." This faith-filled belief in my capabilities is a testament to the kind of support my family provides.

In this symphony of support, my family's love and belief in me have become the soundtrack of my success. Their persistent presence has shaped my journey in technology and instilled in me the conviction that women can thrive and excel in any field they choose. Together, we continue to break barriers, challenge norms, and inspire future generations of women in tech to pursue their aspirations fearlessly, knowing that they, too, can rely on the continuous support of their loved ones.

Fiza's Message to Women in Tech

"To all the aspiring women in tech,

This message is for each of you who dreams of pursuing a tech degree or a career in technology. I want you to know that you are not alone in facing the challenges and uncertainties that may come your way. Despite its historical male dominance, the tech field is undergoing a transformative shift towards inclusivity and diversity.

It is important to remember that your skills, talents, and unique perspectives are highly valued in the tech industry. Many companies and organizations are actively working to create an environment where you can thrive and contribute to shaping the future of technology.

Don't let misconceptions and stereotypes hold you back. Embrace your dreams and aspirations with confidence, knowing that you have the power to make a significant impact. Seek out supportive communities, mentorship programs, and organizations that support women in the tech industry.

Remember, success in the tech industry is not defined by your gender but by your talent, dedication, and resilience. By breaking down barriers and pushing against the status quo, you will inspire future generations of women in tech and contribute to a more inclusive and diverse industry.

So, embrace the possibilities that lie ahead, and let your passion for technology propel you toward a fulfilling and successful career. The tech field is waiting for your contributions and ideas. Together, we can create a future where women are celebrated, empowered, and have equal opportunities to thrive.

With unwavering support,

Fiza Bajwa”

It was the captivating story of Fiza, illustrating the remarkable journeys of women in tech. In case you missed our previous blog on women in tech, where our dedicated software engineer Palvisha shared her inspiring journey, it's a must-read. Go ahead and dive into her incredible experience for a truly enriching read.

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