Arbisoft wins the Gender Diversity Award in the P@sha ICT Awards 2022

December 01, 2022

Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT & ITES - P@SHA ICT Awards, an annual flagship event, strives to provide a platform and recognition to the heroes of Pakistan's IT industry, which is one of the key economic pillars. All those who are a part of the P@SHA ICT Awards journey have the possibility to acquire local, regional, and international exposure.

For the 2022 awards, a total of 900+ Applications in 42 Categories broke all records, which ramped up the hype for the ICT Awards. These submissions were judged by 80+ esteemed judges who are well-known for their expertise in their respective fields. These judges shortlisted & evaluated 680 participants. It was our moment of triumph that Arbisoft made its way among these shortlisted participants.

We delivered a compelling presentation that showcased the company's diversity initiatives before a judging panel of industry leaders from the tech community. Arbisoft won the merit Gender Diversity award in recognition of its gender diversity practices. 

The Gender Diversity Award is a source of great pride that validates our dedication to diversity. Our company's fundamental values emphasize fostering and nurturing talent, irrespective of gender.

Since its founding in 2007, Arbisoft has endeavored to implement programs and cultivate a culture in which gender-diverse staff is recruited, promoted, and recognized. 

Since 2021, the number of female members at Arbisoft has increased from 119 to over 152; they currently account for 18.4% of the workforce, and the number keeps going up. They perform admirably in all departments, levels, and responsibilities, including those of project managers, leaders, and architects.

We believe people's experience and retention are greatly shaped by organizational culture. As such, we have numerous programs and initiatives in place to ensure women at Arbisoft feel secure in their roles and stay with the organization for the long run. 

In addition to the standard benefits, Arbisoft offers women additional incentives that make the company an attractive workplace for women. These include: 

  • Regular Sessions on Women's Rights 

  • Awareness Sessions on Harassment

  • Awareness Series: Educating People on Diversity & Inclusion

  • Female representation in committees and advisory

  • Maternity Leave Policy (3 months and extended leave on 50%) 

  • Choose your own Work Model: WFH/WFO/Hybrid 

  • Travel Allowance for Females Members

  • Child Education Support 

  • Women's Wellness/Fitness Classes

  • Lactation Room

  • Women Common Room

  • Bring your Child to Work  

  • Accommodation: Guest House/Hostel Facilitation 

  • All girls recreational trips

  • A women-only slack channel (#arbi-women)

Apart from the regular policies and refresher sessions, Arbisoft is committed to creating a safe and comfortable work environment for all. We firmly believe in providing equal opportunities by eliminating the gender pay gap and providing work-life balance, merit-based recruitment and promotions, and a healthy, progressive environment.

Arbisoft takes great pride in being a top destination for women in technology. If you want to learn more about our hiring practices or our commitment to building a diverse workforce, please contact us here.

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    Amna Manzoor

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