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This is something we have been saying and preaching at Arbisoft for at least a couple of years now i.e. we have to take high quality training and education into our own hands.  We jumped on to the Udacity bandwagon when very few people knew about it.  I have even been encouraging our team members to go and take some Khan Academy courses to refresh their concepts of core subjects like Linear Algebra and we are really excited about the possibilities created by other such ventures (edX, Coursera, Code Academy).  If you know any other great startups/ventures in this space, please use the comments section.


It is really great to see Marc articulate this need in his recent interview with TechCrunch.  When Marc speaks about technology and education, you listen!  Here is what he had to say:


Education — there is actually going to be more and more. So actually companies are going to get a lot more interested in education for two reasons.


Number one is, a lot of companies need to actually educate their customers or their partners, and a lot of that has to happen online.


And then the other thing is companies are having — if you talk to anybody running a company, they are having real trouble hiring enough qualified people. So companies are going to have to take a more direct role in educating the candidates or educating their current employees.


So the sort of model of employees just show up and they are either educated or they are not is not working very well. There’s lots of mismatches. It’s one of the reasons unemployment is running as high as it is, is people just don’t have the skills they need for the jobs.


So I think employers are going to have to get a lot more actively involved in making sure that the supply of candidates is actually educated and that they can hire somebody who doesn’t yet know what they need to know and actually educate and train them, and a lot of that is going to happen with the new technology.


So we have this company Udacity as an example, that’s going to be, I think, important in all of that.


Read the full interview here.

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