Our Team

Our team is our greatest asset. Many of us have worked with each other over decades and across corporate boundaries resulting in a cohesive and valuable partnership.

We have a team that has grown rapidly to include knowledge and expertise in a variety of technologies and frameworks, and we have used these to create some of the best products out there. Despite this, each of us comes to work every day with the mission to learn new things and to make existing things better. Late nights and weekends are the norm rather than the exception. We help each other strive to make each software revision faster or better than the last.

Most importantly, because we love what we do, we don’t stop until you’re satisfied.


Yasser Bashir

CEO, Co-founder

Yasser is a seasoned engineer and entrepreneur with a deep passion for revolutionary technology development. Yasser started his career at WorldWerx Inc. where he played an important role in the development of SuiteWerx: a comprehensive CRM solution for large-sized telephony companies. His next job was at Align Technology where he led a large team of engineers working on 3D applications for the modeling and visualization of orthodontic treatment plans, as well as web-based CRM and ERP systems. At Align, Yasser acquired strong skills in 3D Graphics, Computational Geometry, Orthodontics and non-trivial C++ programming. Yasser’s next gig was a couple of years of research and academics at Stanford University, where he worked on the Virtual Soldier project: a DARPA funded research to infer and predict the physiological and anatomical effects of projectile wounds from a foundational model of human anatomy and the 3D scans of an injured patient. Yasser also held the position of Director of Technology at OrthoClear Inc. where he played an important role in defining and developing customer facing web applications.

Yasser has several research papers and industry patents to his name. He holds a BS (Hons.) in Computer Science from LUMS and an MS in Industrial Engineering from Stanford University.

Umair Shah


Umair is an experienced computer scientist and software engineer with a deep passion for product development. During his PhD track he worked on a range of scalable internet services projects at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) including Active Networks, Darwin, Sensor Networks and Pervasive Computing. He also worked at IBM TJ Watson Research Lab where his work on Storage Area Networks led to the filing of two patents for his algorithms. Parting ways from PhD, he started his career in developing product ideas at startup businesses. He led a team of developers at Varcore Systems to design and develop their enterprise software suite. Then he led a team of developers at NextFrequency to design an innovative RFID sensor network based Patient Tracking software system for the Health care industry. Eventually his passion for computing and research challenges landed him in the financial industry in Chicago, where he works on developing high performance, scalable applications for the real time processing of massive volumes of market data. A UNIX guru and a programmer par excellence, Umair provides the strategic direction and objectives for Arbisoft.

Umair holds an MS from Carnegie Mellon University in Computer Science and did his BS (Hons.) in Computer Science from LUMS. He also has quite a few research publications to his name.

Rizwan Aslam

Director of Software Development, Partner

Rizwan has more than 12 years of experience in developing large-scale business systems and web applications. He was instrumental in developing the system for the complicated workflow automation at Align Technology. After Align, as the Chief Architect at OrthoClear, he led a team of engineers to develop a comprehensive ERP system which formed the backbone of OrthoClear’s business and had modules for workflow automation, finance, supply chain, production and HR. Rizwan also contributed to the development of the web application which allowed OrthoClear’s customers to review and maintain the database of 3D treatment plans for their patients.

Rizwan has strong hands-on expertise in LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) and Microsoft technologies especially .Net 2.0 and MS SQL Server. Rizwan holds a BS and an MS in Computer Science from National College of Computer Science.

Zia Fazal

Chief Architect, Partner

Zia has extensive experience in development of web applications using both open source and Microsoft technologies. He has been developing cutting edge web applications which include Content Management Systems, Search Engine Optimizers and e-Commerce Solutions since 2001.

Zia started his career at Sulata iSoft and contributed to the development of many e-Commerce and Social Networking applications. Zia joined Libertas Solutions later and refined the core functions of Libertas Enterprise Content Management System, making it one of the few CMSs which support accessibility guidelines, web standards, Dublin Core metadata standard and search engine friendliness. Zia also played a pivotal role in Report Automation of the OrthoClear ERP system.

Zia holds an MS from Royal Institute of Computer Science. He enjoys hiking and kite surfing during his spare time.