• I would highly recommend Arbisoft as a great option for outsourced development.  We were able to move quickly through the vetting process and had a developer ready to start within a week or so.  Our developer was very skilled and added immediate value to our team.  Overall the experience with Arbisoft has been nothing but positive.

    Russell Mason, Sr. Technical Project Manager
  • Our dedicated engineering team at Arbisoft has developed several critical systems for us. They work directly with our engineering team in Boston, with minimal management oversight. From my perspective they are an extension of our existing team, well integrated, with good technical and communication skills.

    Paul Schwenk, SVP Engineering
  • I have worked with the team at Arbisoft for nearly three years. Having brought them into my current organization, I have seen them take on every aspect of development with strong reviews from my development team. They have always been responsive to our needs and quickly address issues or concerns that I have brought up to them. It has been a pleasure working with Yasser and his team!

    Miki Goyal, Director of Engineering
  • Arbisoft was an invaluable partner in developing TripScanner, as they served as my outsourced website and software development team.  Arbisoft did an incredible job, building TripScanner end-to-end, and completing the project on time and within budget at a fraction of the cost of a US-based developer.  

    I was impressed with the quality and responsiveness of Arbisoft's team throughout the project.  They were easy to get in touch with, and quick to follow-up and resolve any issues.  They provided an excellent project manager, who spoke flawless English, kept me updated, and worked with me as a business partner.

    I highly recommend Arbisoft, and would be pleased to speak with any potential clients about my positive experience.

    Ethan Laub, Founder and CEO
  • We were looking for a development partner to write a world class LBS-App for a while. After 2 dead ends we partnered with Arbisoft and never regretted it since. The iOS app ParkTag entered the German Top10 after 2 weeks already. That speaks for itself. It would not have been possible without rock solid development.  

    Offshoring is about trust and development is about skill. I have found both in Arbisoft. Specifically I can praise the no-nonsense attitude, the technological reasoning and the partnership courtesy. I can recommend them to anyone looking for a serious, long-term development partner. Moreover a true partner delivers value add rather than just a service. On multiple occasions we received great tactical suggestions and valued strategic comments from the team working on ParkTag. You certainly don’t hire an army of coding robots with Arbisoft. You partner with very smart, top end global talent. It has been and will be a pleasure working with Arbisoft.

    Silvan C. Rath, Founder and CEO
  • Arbisoft is a new partner for KAYAK, starting in late 2008 developing middleware software for our search platform. I have managed remote teams now for over ten years, and our early work with Arbisoft is the best experience I've had for offsite contractors. Their work includes not only new software development, but also careful specifications (improving on the rough outlines we wrote), updated coding conventions, and detailed unit testing and autotesting. I've really enjoyed working with Yasser. Much of any software professionals job these days involves email and instant messaging, even with peers who might be sitting 20 feet away.

    My online interactions with Yasser and his team have been at least as accurate as that with my peers at KAYAK -- Yasser is incredibly quick, concise, and fun to work with. I highly recommend Arbisoft and I am happy to discuss them with any new potential clients.


    Paul English, Ex Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer
  • We've really enjoyed working with Arbisoft as our offshore development partner for inSparq. inSparq has been working with Arbisoft for over a year and we consider them part of the family. The development team at Arbisoft is very skilled and proactive about building quality systems. They communicate well, raise concerns when they think a development approach wont work and go out of their way to ensure client needs are met.

    I've never worked with contractors that are more dedicated and committed to the success of a project -- they are by far the best off-shore team we've worked with.
    Veronika Sonsev, CEO
  • I would recommend Arbisoft to anybody looking for superior technical expertise and smooth execution. The team has been fantastic in its dealings with us, and its work exceeded our high expectations. Having completed an alpha release with Arbisoft, we are currently looking at expanding our relationship with them and at partnership opportunities. We want to make sure we can benefit from the talent of this team in all stages of our business.

    First, I would mention Arbisoft’s consummate understanding of technology and the passion they bring to the project. Not only did they do everything we wanted, they also stirred us toward solutions that would be most beneficial to our long-term business model. They fulfill the role of not only developers, but also technological advisors.

    Second, we were impressed by how smoothly our outsourcing engagement worked. Having been a solution architect and having managed projects on outsourcing engagements for a good portion of my career, I know that different geographies, time zones, and cultures can create challenging working environments. Arbisoft uses various tools in order to ensure effective and open communication. We enjoyed the diversity of our team, which worked in our favor and not against us.

    Finally, I would note Arbisoft’s flexibility. The team was able to work with us at different stages of requirement completion. They were able to give recommendations on the design when we needed them and work simultaneously on multiple sets of functionality in order to give us time to finalize our thinking on the areas that were not complete or where we were changing our initial specifications.

    It has been a pleasure working with Arbisoft and we look forward to our future partnership.

    Marina Vytovtova, Founder and CEO
  • Neighborhood Hero began working with Arbisoft in mid-2008. The two key attributes that we looked for in assessing outsourced development partners were competence and communication. Arbisoft is equal to any competitor in the former, but it is in the latter that they really excel. Arbisoft succeeded in reducing execution risk by getting inside of our business and understanding what we needed, often better than we did. Their communication is articulate and frequent, which takes away a lot of the challenges of managing programmers from afar.

    Most importantly, however, Arbisoft has always acted as our partner rather than our vendor –they even reinvested a significant portion of their services fee to acquire equity in our company during its start-up phase, which eliminated agency problems and helped project us up the growth curve.


    Tom Bowen Wright, Founder and CEO
  • Arbisoft is one of the most professional development partners we have ever worked with. They have proven time and again that they will not only do what we ask them to do, they will work hard to understand our ultimate goals and recommend innovative approaches to achieve those goals. Their developers are thoughtful and responsive. It's like having a development team in the office next door.


    Andrew Kimball, CEO Qube Learning
  • I have managed several offshore teams since 2000, both as outsourcing relationships, and as remote development offices. Yasser is the only offshore manager who has delivered consistent results in all my offshore experiences. Emporics has used Arbisoft's development services, for analytics solutions for some of the largest Healthcare, and Aerospace and Defence companies, who are customers of Emporics. Yasser asks the right questions to clarify requirements, and he has strong analytical thinking to make recommendations back to the end users. Yasser has great business sense, and great business presence, and he is the only offshore manager I even trust to participate in senior customer or prospect meetings. I will happily recommend Arbisoft to any customer.



    Giorgos Zacharias, Chief Scientist
  • PayPerks found Arbisoft through referral from an existing Arbisoft client. I consider myself extremely lucky to have been pointed in Arbisoft's direction. Arbisoft is a special firm -- the leadership and staff prioritize delivering value for their clients above all else. This means that instead of simply having offshore headcount and contracts, as one can have with other firms, at Arbisoft PayPerks has a team of skilled engineers who are actively engaged in our business and excited to help PayPerks succeed. As we continue to grow and scale our team, we consider our Arbisoft team an extension of our in-house NYC team. Arbisoft's leadership makes the process of engaging with Arbisoft and dealing with staffing, billing, and project management easy. Arbisoft's engineers and staff make working with Arbisoft productive, successful and fun.

    Jake Peters, Co-Founder / CTO, PayPerks
  • Our affiliation with Yasser Bashir began 6 or 7 years ago. We, at the Stanford/NASA Biocomputation Center at Stanford University, were one of his first clients. Our requests to Yasser and his capable group have ranged from lengthy, mundane photoshop masking on thousands of anatomical images to utterly complex dental simulations and cross platform software development for PCs and Macs. Our previous experience of working with programmers at a great distance was unsatisfactory but we have enjoyed remarkable success with Yasser. The distance has never been an issue. He is always accessible, our communications, without exception, have been easy and more that satisfactory.

    Our demands for world class quality have always been met. It is with pleasure and confidence that we continue to work closely with this exceptional group.


    Dr. Paul Brown, Founder and CEO
  • I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the work you and your team have been doing of all the overseas teams I've worked with, yours is the most communicative, most responsive and most talented.



    Matt Hasel, Program Manager, EHuman